Sunday, May 4, 2008



Coldplay stole my favorite color by putting together a half way decent song that really makes absolutely no sense, but hell, at least it got yellow out there, and I can now openly claim it as my favorite color without fear of reprisal or backlash from those fans of the other (in my opinion) less important colors...

I saw a beautiful young mother today in a yellow spring sweater - she was kneeling in front of her young son, with a newborn baby (or at least a very tiny baby) in her arms, and talking in her soft motherly voice - "See the beautiful baby, she is sleeping, let's let her sleep for a while"...I could not really see her eyes, or the expression on her face, but that is even better, for a somewhat sappy traveller, sometimes it is best to imagine the smile, or the eye color, or the conversation - besides it makes the blog more interesting.

Now, please don't read this the wrong way - this is not a blog about lust, but the way the yellow sweater made me feel - it was beautiful on this woman, the way the nape of her neck complimented the way the sweater fell on her shoulders, the sterling silver necklace dangling freely and bouncing off of her skin as she smiled with her children. Her brown hair fell just short of the yellow braided cover, and shone in the light, much like her imagined smile does in my mind. It was an odd moment for me to stare, and it erased other thoughts in my mind - being tired, what to buy for dinner, the children's schedules, when I fly out again, my wife's health, and all of those things that fill your brains on a Sunday afternoon. It just took me to a yellow place, a bright, warm place of small children and smiling women, and although I probably will never see this woman in that way again (if ever again) - she gave me everything that I needed today, and an image of yellow that I can keep forever.

Yellow is my favorite color.


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