Saturday, May 10, 2008


They won! They finally won! I have never been more proud, than with 3 minutes left, Gabe, on a throw in, charged the goal and scored the game winning goal! The entire team, at the whistle, jumped and screamed and laughed - they finally won - it was amazing.

Being proud is a good thing - I am proud of Gabe for the hard work he showed today - it was 92 degrees, sunny, and the team was two folks short - but they all hung in there - and now, Gabe is exhausted, but very happy and is asking me to give him the play by play on his score as he critiques his own style and footwork, and what he could have done to make it a better, more exciting goal - he is somewhat the father's son - the key point is that he made the goal that won the game, and still he is second guessing the level of success that he has - I, being the father that I am, told him that some goals are ugly, some goals are beautiful, but all goals count on the scoreboard - and his counted immensely, it won the game...

It seems like my phone is broken - usually by this time on Saturday I have at least one or two phone calls, a couple of questions, but today has been eerily silent. I can't say that I like that at all, even a little - I don't like not being able to answer my phone and not have a single call or message...

Well, the rest of the day is going to be eaten up by backyard time, I think I am going to smoke a brisket, which entails a large amount of beer drinking, throwing wood chunks on the fire, and sunburn. I think the kids are wanting to jump on the trampoline together, so I will go act like a chaperone, that is until one of them breaks the others leg, and then I will play really, really stupid.

What I wonderful game today, I wish I could pass on to everyone the pride and excitement Gabe had on his face when he scored - it was amazing to see that look on his face, and if I would have had my picture taken, I am sure that it would have looked almost identical.

Good Game Gabe -

Good morning, good morning, good morning,


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