Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good morning.

Such simple little words, but it is amazing how much they can change your outlook. I am so used to seeing or hearing or being somewhere that I get a hearty good morning, that this morning has been empty and strange to not get that greeting.

I am a traveller - this week at home has told me that - us 92%'er's have a life that we design because we have need to see and do and be somewhere else, and a sedentary desk life is far from where we need to be. My expectation of this week and the reality of this week have been so diametrically opposed - I have an obligation, I understand that, but it does not make the situation any easier - I am not moving fast enough, I am not in some far away office making a difference, I am not walking down a hallway and getting to the first cubicle on the right, and seeing a friendly smile and a glow and a hearty "Good Morning".

Tomorrow is Thursday morning - and this is officially the longest I have been in Jacksonville since Christmas 2007 - and I am losing my mind!

I do have a briefcase full of things to review, a computer full of files to look at, but still, I am not travelling, and have found it hard not to crave little bottles of shampoo, and fruity soap bars.

Enough whining....

Good Morning - wake up Beautiful Kittenfish. (It's a song damn it)

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