Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seattle Sunday, and Ben and Jerry's

Sitting on the couch in a hotel room after a long hard day is a good feeling - it is a quiet place, and only the occassional car stereo or cheesy commercial breaks that resting that goes on. I like Sunday afternoons, whether sitting on my couch with my kids watching re-runs of America's Funniest Home Videos, or sitting in a hotel room building card houses and eating Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Seattle has been particularly beautiful this weekend, the weather never really made it above 50 degrees, but the skies were relatively clear, and the mountains were always in view. Apparently I had a pretty good time celebrating on Friday night with the most recent acquisition folks, I have a receipt and some voice mails to prove that it was a good time - no matter what everyone says...

I went for a run yesterday, I have the 15K next weekend, and have been trying to get into some sort of shape to make sure I can finish in a respectable place - at least for me, and to get the race behind me, and move forward. I actually got dizzy and fell over, it was wierd, I had not eaten, and was up way too late, but it was an unpleasant fall, and I certainly am paying for it now.

There is not much for me to say in this blog - I am not as serious on Sundays normally- maybe my agnostic or athiestic nature is not so black and white, because I believe Sundays were made for resting - just sitting on the couch or in the backyard, resting with family and friends, and wrapping up the week before starting another week (is Sunday the first day of the week or the last day of the week - none the less, I cannot think of a better way to start or end the week).

Consciously, I made the decision to stay in Seattle this weekend, and wanted to see how I would feel being so far away from my family, and having to compensate for that by living the life of a single person - this may sound foreign to a large number of folks - but for someone who has not spent a weekend alone in probably 13 years, it is a new (or familiar but odd) feeling. It's pretty easy to occupy time - there is always work to be done, there is always somewhere that you can go, but sometimes, especially on the weekends, you just want to be with someone even if just for a few hours...

Last Sunday was the exact opposite of this Sunday - I sat in the backyard of my dad's house and soaked up Florida sun while listening to the myriad of music that he has somehow managed to cram into his nine-thousand CD changer -

Speaking of music - everyone needs to download Ferris Wheel by Donovan - it is a little hokey, and somewhat sixties popcorn - but it seems to hit the spot - I think his music is just dark enough and catchy enough, that no matter what the mood, it seems to help - here are the lyrics:

Ferris Wheel

Walking in the seashore twilight,
It's then you spy carnival lights,
You slowly near the magic sight,
Tangerine sky minus one kite.
Take time an' tie your pretty hair
The gypsy driver doesn't care
If you catch your hair in the ferris wheel on top,
In the ferris wheel on top.
A silver bicycle you shall ride,
To bathe your mind in the quiet tide.
Far off as it seems your hair will mend
With a Samson's strength to begin again.
Take time an' dry your pretty eyes,
Watch the seagull fly far-off skies
To build its nest in the ferris wheel on top,
In the ferris wheel on top.
If ever I reach her.
And the moral here, if any, my friend:
Follow through your dream to the end.
Dig the seagull fly across the sky
To build its nest in the ferris wheel,
In the ferris wheel.

It's a beautiful song, and it is dreamy enough to create a Sunday afternoon that makes for a perfect bite of ice cream, and a hazy Seattle day on the couch.

Until next time...

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