Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding out about the Neighbors...

When you don't spend a large amount of time at home, you really do not get to spend too much time talking to the neighbors - I mean I know George and Vicky live next door and are hard core anal retentives, but they are nice folks, and Ricky, the retired Army guy lives on the other side, and he is constantly washing his cars, and is hard to understand because of his heavy Philipino accent - but you know, you just don't spend much time paying any attention to them...

I wonder what the neighbors go through on a daily basis - the more I talk with people, the more folks I sit next to on airplanes who share their life story, the more I realize that the statistics that we read about in our complimentary USA Today newspapers are just the tip of the ice berg. How many folks deal with family issues - I suspect it is 100% - how many folks have problems with their home lives - I suspect it is 100% - how many of those people that we don't stop to do much more than say "hi" to wake up tired, and go to bed wondering - I suspect it is a large number of them.

There are things that I should never know about other friends, and there are things that the people closest to me will never know - but I don't understand the hesitance to share with one another, to talk, to hold, to tell a joke and have a cold beer. I might like a few of the people who read this blog, tolerate a few of them, and love one or two of them, but they have things that they protect, and I respect that.

Tonight, I had a good mind clearing run (after three bottles of wine at Cork & Keg my body was not in a very good mood this morning) - and the crisp spring air was not too muggy. I ran by the guy who lives across the street and rides the Harley - he was walking his terrier, and he looked at me, I looked at him, and he just nodded. That's what brought this post on, that's about all I know about those folks - he likes to walk his dog and ride his motorcycle.

My posts have been sparse and boring lately, but I am falling in love with a new found perspective - and the writing is harder when my mind is sometimes in a whirlwind of thought and emotion, and sometimes in a deep sleep - I am trying not to reflect as much, and trying to retain more - and I find that the thoughts and dreams are enough to get me through most of the days, and that a couple of deep breaths seem to help me catch up and slow down...

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