Sunday, March 9, 2008

2008 River Run...

Well, after looking at my results, it is at least a great feeling to have finished! I never thought in my life that I would ever place 6,421st in anything - but hell, ran just over 10 minute miles, I really did not hurt too much, and finally, I was able to beat the Hart Bridge.

There are only two hills during the entire race - within the first two miles, you hit the blue bridge (Main Street) and then the last mile or so of the race is spent running up the Hart Bridge, and then a nice downhill to the finish line. My knees are a little achy right now, but I think tomorrow morning yoga and a huge breakfast of hot pancakes and plenty of greasy sausage will cure those ills.

This is the first year that I have run with music - I have this CD that has about 18 tracks of songs that were picked for me, and I have to admit, they helped this year -I don't know how many times Cake sang "It;s three o' clock in the morning, or maybe it's four" to me today, or how many times Feist told me how much more she knew, and how much less she knew...all I know is that it worked, it helped, and it kept me close to the race and made we want to run faster and harder, and just finish without having to walk. It's funny how much work we can do, and how hard we can train - and granted, there are always going to be people who are better - but I finished, and I gave it an honest effort, and loved every step of the race. It was a good feeling to love to run again - I grew to a point where I hated it, where I felt like I had to do it for some other reason - but now, I have that feeling back where I just run to run - no other reason, but to see how far I may go, to see the Puget Sound on Sunset Drive, to hit the Main Street Bridge in full stride, to run through hay fields in Kentucky, to run the golf course in the neighborhood. You see so much more when you run - you get to spend time enjoying everything, and the only distraction is the consistent pounding of your feet and a great list of ipod music.

I am a little miserable right now, it's late, and I slept much of the afternoon, so now I get to sit awake and think - I tried to fall asleep during the Saturday Night Fights on HBO, tried renting Jackass 2.5, tried girl scout cookies and strawberry ice cream - but I cannot stop thinking. The blog helps pass on these feelings to the paper, but it does not do much to help me get rid of those thoughts that haunt you late at night - some folks are good at ignoring them - me I want to think them, but I just wish I could do it during the day...if I had some Cakes and milk, perhaps then I could sleep, but Cakes is hard to get at 12:15 AM on the east coast on Saturday night, and I really don't want another thing to think about.

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