Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sharks Teeth

Most Floridians have an extensive collection of sharks teeth - I love standing in the crunchy shells on the beach, letting the water wash over my feet, and sort through until you find one of the shiny black teeth. It is a test in patience, and most of the time, there are lots of little black things, but every once in a while, you find a sharks tooth sitting there, tumbled by the murky, sand churned water - just ready to be placed in the zip lock bag.

There are varying styles of searching for sharks teeth - there are the walkers that constantly scour the beach with their heads down, looking for hours and walking for miles, there are the combers who grab handfuls of shells and sort for them - and then there is my style, find a nice spot without screaming children, full of shells, and just sit at the tail end of the waves, and let the water sort the shells and cool your body. It's wonderful when the water is cool and the sun is hot, and finding sharks teeth becomes secondary -

Yesterday was one of those days, a nice family day at the beach, only interrupted by the northerners who stay at one of the nice resorts a little further south from the locals beach - that is another thing that sucks about the internet, our Micklers Landing has turned into the Jersey Shore - because it is one of the best beaches to go to - or used to be. I wish the folks at the resort would stop telling folks about it - watching pasty white overweight New Yorkers (and their equally poorly behaved city children) yell and scream and listen to the Beastie Boys is just not what Micklers is about - it is about quiet play time, and private laughs, and swimming with family, a picnic, petting strange dogs - not two piece bathing suits on fat girls with tattoos or children who have never seen a tree not surrounded by concrete - let alone the vast expanse of the ocean. I want them to enjoy Florida - just not my Florida - there should be places preserved for the locals - we suffer with the snow birds enough, we should be allowed to have a requirement that some beaches are only for folks with "Florida Drivers Licenses". I have included a panorama of Micklers during an extremely low tide -

Today has been a boring day - my son's gaggle of friends came to the door - they are probably going to play in the dirt piles from the recent work they have been doing on the lakes, and will come home covered in mud and smell like a Florida swamp - but like most things, soap and water will cure it, and he will sleep like a baby tonight. His back is beet red from the sun yesterday, and he is proud that he has a little sunshine and was able to enjoy the ocean.

I head back out to Seattle tomorrow, I am looking forward to the trip - it is actually the last full week that I will be there, and it is sad - there are new assignments, new places to be, new focuses, but I have fallen in love with beautiful Edmonds, and all about it - and it is hard to say goodbye to a place that you find wonder, beauty, and a sense of having that wanderlust calmed. Maybe someday I will return to Edmonds for a longer stay - but for those of you who read this, if you ever make it to Seattle - make sure you spend one night a the Harbor Inn, have a cold beer with Lucky at the Channel Marker, and take a run with a friend on Sunset Drive. I still have not ridden the Kingston Ferry - and one day I suppose I will, but for now, I am saving that for the next trip.

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