Saturday, February 2, 2008

I know more than I knew before...

Odd song, but kitschy enough to get stuck in my head for a little while - the flight back from Seattle was the usual 8 hour ordeal of Hartsfield Jackson, SeaTac, and then the surprise DUI checkpoint - good thing I opted to not enjoy the benefits of first class, and just listen to my new favorite CD.

As far as weeks of travel go - this was a good week - I said goodbye to one co-worker, which in this case, was probably a good thing, and started to see progress in my current assignment - I like progress, it makes me feel useful - but inevitably, that progress leads to a new assignment - and I don't think I really feel like thinking about that right now.

I asked a question this week, and got an answer that was brutally honest - and the truth is that there are questions that you should just never ask - especially when the answer is one you are not prepared to hear - I guess that goes back to the song title - we actually know more than we did before - but do I really need to know those burning answers that create a sinking feeling? I think oblivious is sometimes the best way to be.

Sharing - it's an odd thing - this blog is where I share - and sometimes, I just don't want to share. I guess the mine mentality is stepping up, but who can blame me? I want to be selfish and self-less at the same time, so I guess having your cake and eating it to becomes the wierdest damn circus trick I have ever tried to perform.

Tonight was the typical get home night -the kids are sleeping in my spot, and I will find some space between my little blonde daughter and my brown eyed son, and will wake up on Saturday morning with both of them holding me - and asking me if we can go to Krispy Kreme or Golden Corral - and then asking me if I want to play PlayStation or go to - those are the best mornings - they will be full of smiles, and I decided to stay up late and finish the laundry - so there will not be too many chores to handle and we can just enjoy each other.

It's taxing sometimes to think this much - maybe I wish I knew less than I did before - that would make things a hell of a lot easier.



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