Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Water Park and Avoiding the Inevitable...

We went to officially the world's worst water park today - the water tasted something like recycled urine, the way I imagine Kevin Costner had to feel as he recycled his urine to make fresh water to drink in the mega-flop Waterworld - the lazy river could have been compared to the Zambezi River, sans hippos in brightly colored bathing suits fresh off the racks at Walmarts Clearance Center. It was a fun time, it was hot, the water was refreshing, even if I was a little hesitant to have fun - I don't know why I was hesitant, but I went down a few of those water slides that pack your ass full of your bathing suit, swam in the giant toilet they call the "kiddy pool", and slept for an hour or two next to a lady that needed more spandex to cover her breasts than the latest modern art display by that guy who covers everything in fabric...(what the hell is his name?)

It, all in all, and in hindsight, was a fun time. I did buy a snorkel, flippers, and a mask, and proceeded to rename myself "Scuba Steve" and wandered around the park - I looked like a special person, I was just short of a helmet and one of those guides who would keep me from eating shiny things, like broken glass or beer caps. It was amazing that for just a few minutes, everyone laughed at my expense, but I thought it was pretty funny. My tight wad brother-in--law gave me grief about spending twenty-four bucks to have a little fun, but he too laughed at Scuba Steve as I walked around the park in my bright orange bathing suit and scuba gear...I have to leave this post for a while, but will get back to it...

Father's Day has come and gone, it is now the day after Father's Day - and I am knee deep in love, and waist deep in more love, and speaking of water parks, being cooled by the thoughts of everything that I love right now. It was a moonbeam on a rainy night to hear your voice tonight, to read your words, to close my eyes, and picture you on the couch curled up in a dimly lit room - to imagine myself there, or you here, just happy to have some ice cream in the fridge, some sleeping children in other rooms, and you and I together. That's what I am feeling right at this moment. I can smell your hair, I can feel the softness of your shoulders, I can see the light bounce gently off of your eyes. There are few things in the world that I remember the smell and taste and vision of - even fewer that I remember the feeling of - there are those things that we put replacement feelings in our brain's file cabinets - but I feel you - at night when I dream, I feel your legs wrapped in mine, I feel your shoulders nudge their way to quietly ask for space, I sense your tiny hands on my arms, and I wake up feeling it all - it is more than a dream, it is love that knows that it is important for me to hold those real feelings - the traveller has little opportunity to feel that very often, but falling asleep next to a pillow, and waking up knowing that I have had a dream that is no less gratifying than you next to me makes these hotel rooms worth it all.


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