Sunday, June 29, 2008

Promises and 12 Hour Drives

Sometimes, being a traveler is nice. Sometimes, like driving through thunderstorms with a ten year old, a seven year old, and a wife who believes that more than five hours of driving deserves a spa treatment, being a traveler sucks.

My day started the same way most of them do, I woke up, and faced being in a different place, and it was a shock to my system, I had been in such a comfortable warm place with mountains and blue skies and steel towers and sailboats, and voila, 12 hours of driving.

I missed several things today, the blur of the highway makes that a possibility, I missed a few minutes, a few chances, and just a word or two - but I did not mean too. I have to catch up with this later, my eyes feel like lead, my legs are just now shaking off the 800 or so miles, and I think I will sleep for a little while before revisiting...

Wow - what a difference a day makes - slipping from a daydream to a good morning filled with bumpy, yucky feelings (please accept yucky as the best adjective I can muster right now) - and a day of convincing someone that they are more to the universe than they know - that sometimes they just need to look at the silver lining, move forward, and breathe...deeply, slowly, and with the sense that this might be the last word muttered or last smile streched across that face.

I don't have much to say - I just am somewhat drained - my brain hurts, my heart is somewhat tired, my willingness to help is reaching critical mass, and my ability to be there is non existant - I can't be a cheerleader from so long a distance - there are too many fences - even with this age of technology. I can be supportive, and help as much as words can - but for the traveler, sometimes, the distance is just too far to make the same difference as a pat on the back, a walk for a cup of coffee, and some smiley face cookies at the bakery.

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