Sunday, June 8, 2008

Accentuate the Positive...

Holy Shit - I mean really super dee dooper Holy Shit as Barney would say after a few nips of Peppermint Schnaps and a long day of spending hours on the set with those happy little ankle biters whose parents believe them to be the next Ricky Schroeder....

I am having one hell of a day - of a weekend, and I know that I am going to have one hell of a week ahead of me - the last thing I want to think about right now is ten hours in a car on Interstate 95 listening to my wife tell me why things are not perfect - even when they are as perfect as they could possibly be - that's fucking life folks - it is not perfect, and granted, we all take some time to wallow in our pity, but for Christ's sake, shake it off, enjoy the imperfect world you live in, try to make it better, and just shut your fucking mouth and enjoy it for a few minutes. Why does there always have to be some other reason that it is not right or it is not good enough or even it is too black or too white? As you can tell, I am losing my religion right now, and should probably go for a run, but unfortunately I can't feel my legs after helping my brother in law with his yard, and my head is spinning from an hour long debate on how we should get our ten year old son to take his first tablet form prescription -

Now tell me how crazy I am - someone, please - here is the situation - my son is in tears, he is tired, he is running a fever, and he has tried every way possible to take his pill (to no avail, Mom's method of disguising the powder inside in applesauce made him puke all over the kitchen) - so we took a break, and I went back in there with a tall glass of water, a pill, and a positive attitude - he had to swallow the pill, not pull it out of his mouth, and go - well, for some strange reason it worked - he swallowed the pill, and, not feeling very well, he said, " Dad, my stomach hurts, I can't go to Washington DC or my school party" - to which I responded - you have two more pills prior to that - and by that time, you may be feeling better - now here is the perfect example of what sends me off of the deep end - quickly and shortly, my son and I were both informed that (just like the bottle says) this is a ten day prescription and he has to take those pills three times a day for the next ten days - and since they are antibiotics, he has to take all of them - NO SHIT SHERLOCK - he is ten years old, he will focus on the party and the trip to DC, and will do what it takes - why work him up further by telling him he has to take thirty more pills, and not have him have something positive to focus on? I just can't fathom how anyone can think this way - and feel so strongly that this has to be communicated to the moron husband who apparently can't fucking read.

Someone tell me to accentuate the positive. There are too many out there for this to be bringing me down - but sometimes, I get sick of hearing why or how or when or maybe or if or who is keeping the world we live in from being the perfect world to live in - even with all of its simple and manageable imperfections - they are there, and to always live in fear of them or hanging under the gray cloud that most pessimist's disguise as honesty and realism, is just not the right way to think.

A Demain.

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