Saturday, January 19, 2008

The sounds of life....

The more time I spend at home, the more time I have to sit and focus on the cadence of life that beats around our heads all of the time - there are millions of sounds that we hear, and all of them (even the typing I am doing on this keyboard) is to some sort of pattern, to some sound, to some hidden song.

For all of us to spend as much time away as we do, it is always nice to hear a familiar sound - or see a similar rythm - yes, see a pattern - like the eyes that blink and bring you back to the crystal lake in upstate New York - cold, refreshing, and exhilarating, and for some reason someone's blink struck a simple chord that was able to pull you back into that first plunge into that cold water - and you felt just as alive as you did when your head came above water, and the warm air balanced the beautiful clear.

I think of thousands of sounds, and we hear them all the time - I find comfort in the drone of a dragonfly, the awkward flapping takes to me a more innocent time of sitting on a creek in Virginia laying on my back and just doing nothing except waiting - for what, who knows, but it was almost as if just waiting was hardest part - at that age, I was not sure what I was waiting on, and now, we don't really have to wait for much - but that irridescent song of the dragonfly sparks that memory..and somehow makes longing seem part of the plan.

The instant gratification of my ipod makes it a hell of alot easier - a picture may paint a thousand words, but a song for me creates a thousand images - sometimes it is selfish, to sit back in my wonderland, but at the same time, the feelings I get (whether on a plane 3,000 miles from home or sitting next to my son) when I hear Brandi Carlisle's Turpentine is the same - it locks to a moment in time, and pulls me to a good place.

Some folks don't like to be reminded, I like to remember - taking the good with the bad, the love with the longing, and beauty with the less than perfect - and I savor the fact that a simple sound can take me there, and bring to my mind those beautiful pictures that were, at one time or another, a real thing in front of me -

I am turning my ipod back on, and going to finish one or two more glasses of red wine before it is time for me to go light a fire on the patio and see what sounds the wind is playing tonight and see where their song takes me...

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