Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Kingston Ferry....

I am not really sure why the image of the Kingston Ferry sticks in my mind, but for some reason, I just keep picturing myself standing on the deck leaning against the railing of that green and white ship, the mountains in the distance, and the evening sun lighting the sky in pinks and blues.

That would be a wonderful place to hold on to someone, to just stand there and feel the breeze and just watch as the waves of the sound beat against the hull.

It's great place - I can only imagine the number of folks who think of it as just a boat to get home, but everytime I hear the horn sound, I have that image in my mind.

It's been there since October, and some strange sense tells me that I need to take the ferry, and just look out over the water - and just ride the waves and be there.

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