Friday, April 15, 2011


This is easier and cheaper than writing a long email – I can write letters, and send them to you and that way I only logon for a minute, and then am off again.  Sort of odd to familiarize myself with letter writing – it is a lost art, and one, I am afraid, that I am not very good at.  After touring each of these islands and out of the corner of my eye constantly looking for a payphone or US phone cards – I realize how lucky we have it in the states – in most cases, the payphones are broken, right next to some guy sleeping or holding up the side of a building where twelve shoeless island kids stare at the red/pink tourists with disdain and contempt. Needless to say, I gave up on the payphone search.  My cell phone is completely useless, the camera is now not working, it refuses to shut off, and the only way to get anything to work is to restart it every time I want to try and find a signal.  At least the cabin phone works, and so far, they have not charged me for my calls home, but I am sure that will hit the bill before too long…

So Roatan – it has changed quite a bit since the last trip – even three years makes  a big difference – they have built this huge cruise facility in Mahogany Bay, and it is just like the rest of the tourist stops – uniformed people smiling, not a bare chest or shoeless foot in the place, sparkling and shiny, complete with a Fat Tuesday’s and a Starbucks – and of course, the normal jewelry shops, and kitsch caverns that attract every fat lady on the ship – and there are quite a few of them.

We walked outside of the “secured area”  and went into the normal stretch, to the waiting line of about 150 locals with cars, and caught a cab to the jungle – we went through town – we did not stop, it is about $60 US to hire a driver for the day, and she took us to West Bay (the beach) and then we stopped at the Zip Line place – I only brought $100 cash today, so I only had enough for Gabe to go – but that’s okay – Gray did not feel like it, I was happy to sit on the overlook of the jungle canopy and drink a beer, and Gray was happy to play with the Spider Monkeys.  The price of the zip line on the ship was $89.00 (and even if Gray and I did not go, we would still have to pay $49 to ride out to watch) so, thus far, it has been much cheaper to go off the ship and find something to do. A little more work, but significantly cheaper –and the kids don’t seem to mind getting out into the villages.

Gray has a spa ice cream party tonight –she is there now, and Gabe is supposed to be back getting ready for dinner, but I don’t really expect him to make it back – I came back after the zip line and slept – and the kids have been running roughshod on the ship all day- they are starting to settle in and enjoy everything – and for me, it was sort of like a huge burden that they started to get entertained…

I cannot think of much more I would rather do than to go to these places with you- waking up in the morning is not so much fun when I am on vacation, and I know you are not here.  Like you said on the phone the other day – My days are normal and my life goes on, well, same here too.  I just prefer that the days that I don’t spend in the ser vice of work, that I spend with you.  It has been wonderful to be with the kids, and we are having fun, but you know, something is missing.  I want to sit by the pool, and have someone to play bingo with, or go to the comedy shows, or whatever.  It would be nice to have you at dinner or just to have you here so I can liberally apply sunscreen to you.   Cruises are great fun.  They are just not great fun when you miss your lover, are trapped on a boat, and have no way of seeing them other than the pictures you have stored on your laptop.  The kids are going to start wondering why I take my laptop into the bathroom….(just kidding). 

Aside from that remark, I wish that you could sit on the balcony with me, have a drink, and we could just hold hands and listen to the ocean together.  I think that would make this the perfect vacation.  In fact, I am pretty sure that it would make it the perfect vacation.

Well, no phones in Honduras.  With any luck, Belize.

I love and miss you, and am looking forward to hearing about your week and hope I get to talk to you before Monday.



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