Friday, April 15, 2011

Cruised Out...

Well I believe I am officially cruised out – I think I was cruised out by Wednesday, but now, I am just ready to get on US dry land, be able to use my phone, have a hot bath (there are no bathtubs in the standard balcony rooms, just showers, and boy,  I miss the bath) I spent some time on deck reading Idiot America, it is a pretty good book, but a little high brow for me right now, and I don’t really have anything else downloaded right now, so I just gave up, ordered a diet coke, and headed back for the stateroom.  I finished up the kids packing, and have their items out for dinner, and clothes for tomorrow, and am about to fill out the customs declaration card, and tag the bags to leave.  I am actually looking forward to the five block walk to the hotel, kind of a nice break between the ship and the car, and there is a starbucks at the hotel, so I am pleased that there is a reward at the end of the hike.

The swimming pool is packed today – it is even hard for me to find a chair that does not have a fat little kid sprawled out on it, and the adult areas are packed as well.  I think there must have been some at sea swinger hookups, because it resembles a roman orgy back there right now, and I am just not up for an orgy right now.  I am up for some good quality quiet time at the Edmonds Beach, or sitting at the park, or just watching a movie together – or even walking down to the Starbucks – that’s about the amount of orgy that I am looking forward to. 

Some folks need to hire a clothing consultant when picking out bathing suits.  Men included.  There is one gentleman here who is probably mid-forties, and he has worn the same baby blue speedo the entire cruise – I call it a sighting – his gut hangs no higher than his pecker, so from the front, he looks naked, and his gut is just covering his pecker – then there are the women who wear two pieces of cloth that are struggling to hold their body parts in, and the other parts that are not covered seem to be pulling away as quickly as possible from their body as to not be associated with it –

Gray just stopped by from Camp Carnival – Gabe left around 9:30 this morning, and I have not seen him sense, but he has a pretty big group of kids that he is hanging out with, he is sad that we have to leave, and has had a great cruise – I think Gray could care less, she has enjoyed herself, but she is more tempered than Gabe and I about separating the good from the bad – and I think she is looking forward to getting home, taking a bath as well, sleeping in her own bed, and seeing her mother – funny, they have not asked to talk to Christy, and I have received no emails from Christy either.  That’s pretty good and peaceful. 

So what have I enjoyed most on this cruise?  The kids, I have to admit, have worked out to be a joy.  It is nice to eat dinner with them at night and wake up with them in the mornings.  They are independent, strong and positive kids – and they are well behaved and know their limits but are willing to challenge their abilities – I was so proud of Gray on the volleyball court – she was in the game the entire time, and was not afraid to get in the mix – and both of them laughed and played and enjoyed themselves – I have enjoyed going to the comedy shows with them, and having late night desserts with Gray – definitely the kids and watching them have fun has been the best part.

Worst parts of the cruise – the number of people, the amount of food and watching people eat it, and the constant supply of endless in your face opportunities to buy this or use this or do this or be that or see this or hear that – it is mind numbing the number of activities they put on these things, and in some ways that is good, but in others, I just wish they would have a “quiet day” at sea where they plan four or five activities instead of twenty, and they politely announce them once in the morning, and that’s it.  I don’t like walking through the photographers or pushing through the crowded areas, or having to walk through a dining area to get to a quiet place (if you can find one).  I don’t like how expensive everything is – from 2.50 per soda to 8.00 per drink – that gets a little old and pushy – but we are a captive audience, and in order to drink, you have to pay.

It is sad that vacation is ending – sad because I don’t have much to look forward to with the kids, and am in need of planning their summer breaks – sad because I know that they want to stay longer, and enjoy themselves more, and really, will not think about how much it cost to do this, and probably will forget much of it, but they will remember parts of it – I hope they remember the good parts – the dinners, the laughter, the volleyball games, those parts.

Another bad part of the vacation – the isolation – for me, I am alone on this thing – and that is difficult.  I am thinking that this was a good exercise for me, and a bad one at the same time, and it gets tough to not have an adult to talk to, aside from dinner table folks, or to do things with.  I am more than capable of spending time with the kids, and can enjoy that, but right now, sitting in the cabin, it would be nice to have you here – (it is always nice to have you near) – to talk with, or sit on the deck with, or just take a nap with.  Pretty glum about that.

Sleep last night was difficult, I had pretty horrible dreams, and have had them just about every night this week – some are varied, last night was like I was reliving the divorce time over again – I woke up confused and in a cold sweat wondering what the hell was going on, and then had difficulty falling asleep – just to fall back into the same dream.  Perhaps it has to do with the cruise ship being a reminder of the last big family vacation or just too many sweets right before bed?  Gray and I slept pretty late, Gabe was up and in the shower early, he was ready to hang out with his friends, Gray and I were content to  lay around for a little while and start a little slower. 

Well, that’s enough for now – I know you have a big week in front of you, and hope you are able to enjoy some time with your old friends and your new friends, and are able to make some good contacts for the continued growth of your office – I know you will make a great impression – your laugh is the best sales pitch I know – and your eyes help too – among other things (like your brain, intelligence, and ability to deliver) – and you are going to do great – I hope I get to talk to you tomorrow morning or tomorrow night when you get back in from your activities.



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