Sunday, January 11, 2009


Not to humorous that I can't look at a clock on Sunday morning, and not count down the hours until I get back on a plane - a plane to Maine - I guess the good thing is that now I know George the Lobster (who, by mere scientific deduction has been found to be approximately 140 years old) will be sharing the Maine winter with me, he is going to basking in the sun of the Kennebunkport waters, me, I get the view of the bean factory from my office, but that's okay.

This morning, well we are having fun - Christy is damn near od'd on Hydrocodone, and I am sitting in green plaid boxers and my brightly colored bathrobe - we had an impromptu family party last night - Gabe, Gray and I decided that it was time to create a new Rock Band Alter Ego - we are The Rabbits - of course I am the drummer, Gabe Vocals and Guitar, and Gray, well she does what she wants depending on the song - it is fun -

The sun is starting to burn off the little bit of haze from the morning, it looks like it might be warm enough today to go to the skate park with Gabe, I don't own a helmet, and it has been 15 years since I have attempted a half pipe - but hell, I figure someone might get some good footage for America's Funniest Home Videos, they say it is like riding a bike, but I imagine the first time I drop in (about 80 pounds heavier than I was then) it will be an interesting concept in how gravity and momentum affect the other. The good news is that Sundays are generally slow at the skate park, so at least when I break my legs, there will be very few people there to witness the hilarity of the scene.

My Dad declared bankruptcy last week - this after the VA Doctors told him that they may finally need to amputate his leg - just a great week all around for me - I think there is something to this cyclical kharma thing - I can only think of one more thing to pile on - and hell, for all I know, that's coming pretty soon too!

I can look on the webcams and see up Dayton Street and the Kingston Holding Area, and the Edmonds Overpass, that is as close as I can get right now - I don't know why I put myself through that stupidity - but I do. I thought a large amount about that last night - I know your world, but you only have photographs of my world, and my places, and my kitchen floor. Sorry, no basement.

It was 11:11, but I made it through with nine minutes of typing, and listening to Gabe sing Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...

Here we go.

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