Monday, September 8, 2008


It is a defining term - and an ambiguously funny term - I am happy right now, there are no other voices audibly expressing themselves right now, the only noise is just the whir of the ceiling fan, and the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard. We all have a voice, whether it be one expressed in artistic brush strokes, or pen, or musical notes, we all have a voice - and now I just want one voice - and I get to hear it every day - but sometimes, that is just not enough.

I love to hear rythm. That's what I have is a simple voice - and at times, it does not seem worth the feelings and the longing, but that is what I have - a rythm, and I want it more and more everyday - maybe my own voice is being drowned out by the need to hear that one, maybe that's okay.

When the images and memories in your head start to disappear, and the only thing that you have is a song or a picture, well that voice comes across as a lighthouse, a welcome, and a comfort - I love to hear it, because, I am not really sure if I mentioned this earlier - but that's all I have right now.

A demain.


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