Friday, September 19, 2008

Facebook Stuff...

Now this facebook thing - what a concept - you can actually get in touch with people who are folks that may you may or may not remember, or really care to remember - but so far, my experience has been that they have been pleasant reconnections and it is kind of nice to see where folks are after so many years of life passing down the road. Some of them are Obama supporters, some of them have a lot of children, some of them have changed, and some of them, well hell - you just add them so that you have a shitpot of friends to for your entire facebook thing. Technology is a cathartic useful piece of stuff, even if my ten year old can program a DVD player better than I can, and if Comcast offers me another piece of equipment to try and figure out, well hell, I am going to paste a magazine to my tv set, and just pretend that it is my favorite show (I don't know who I am kidding - I don't watch much television - I use it to fall asleep at night when you sit in a hotel room). Needless to say, I like the facebook - it is a neat thing, and I am sure I will get used to it.

Kitchen Floors - why do I call this kitchen floors - well, that's simple. When I was a little kid, we did not have air conditioning in one of our houses - so in Florida in the Summer, the most comfortable place to be is sitting on a terrazo floor with a pillow and a box fan blowing across your face. I have a more serious blog out there, but I want kitchen floors to be that cool comfortable place that I go to just sit and write and bore people with my endless banter.

The problem is that I still love the kitchen floor - we have air conditioning now, but for now, I still find the happiest and quietest place is sitting on the kitchen floor with a cold glass of white wine late at night when the house is dark - and you just sit there and think and let the white noise of the fridge kick in and lull you to sleep. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I have never been one to be accused of staying terribly sane, nor do I profess to a system of beliefs that says kitchen floors are only for walking.

So for now, that is enough of an explanation as to why I call this blog Kitchen Floors - A State of Euphoria is still plugging along, and contains the heavier stuff, but this one, hell - join me on the kitchen floor, pour a cold glass of white wine, and let's listen to the fridge for a little while.


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