Friday, September 12, 2008

Text Messages and Misunderstandings Part Deux...

I hate text messages that convey being pissed off - what good does that do - it really does no good for anyone involved - they send me through the roof - I mean literally -

There are some lyrics to a song that I am working on - Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulders. I wish I could live by that mantra, but right now - I can't. Somewhere between my heart being on my sleeve, and my brain stuck in a constant flushing action, I can't live that mantra.

You know, intention is a powerful thing - particularly when it is understood to be for self-serving reasons - my intentions are not self serving - in fact they are self-defeating - and one day, perhaps, someone will notice that, and will start telling me to not promote the success of others and brag about the accomplishments I have made - but you know, fuck it.

I don't want to write anymore, this is childish, stupid, insensitive, and you know what - maybe it's best that it is this way. It certainly makes the situation more bitter than sweet, and hell, maybe it's the pill we all need to swallow. Maybe one day I will feel like explaining myself, but that's kind of like having to put more whipped cream on a pile of shit, and I am full up on whipped cream, and certainly don't need anymore servings of shit.


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