Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lucky Half Penny.

I am not really sure where I am going with this blog, except to say that I was given the most simple, most amazing, most perfect gift that I have ever received - I know, children are great, and timeshare anniversary meetings are wonderful too (satire here), but this was a half cent, sitting in a little box amongst bags and bags of matchbooks and diaries, and I knew it was important, and I knew it was valuable - and now, I have one - it is something that I have never seen, never even knew about, and now it is something I own. It is sitting right next to my Joe Morgan autographed baseball, (I am something of a memorabilia junkie, if I ever get forced out, well, those things and some clean underwear are just about the only things I think I will leave with) - the rest will probably be on fire in the front yard, but hell, I travel light - so I guess thats okay.
I had a great week in Seattle - the weather, was typically Seattle, but the last day - on the grass in Pike Place, watching the Blue Angels fly overhead, resting, talking, watching everyone seemingly stare off at anything that could keep their minds off the work or the world around them - that was a good day. In fact, ten days - ten favorite things -
1. Turkey Chili, All Beef Hot Dogs, and Kitchen Floors. Great times.
2. Tulalip and Hypoglycemic Mistakes
3. Cold Cold Cold Hotel Rooms
4. Boeing Sunday Mornings
5. Fresh Fried Prawns
6. Expensive Cab Fares into Ballard
7. Snorts mid-sentence
8. Bathtime and Puke
9. Starbucks Walking
10. Every other thing I forgot to list
This list may not mean anything to anyone except me - but that's what blogs are for - they are for me - and that's why I write - it gets rid of the shortness of breath, the mystery of what if, it lets me share my happiness to re-read again later, it lets me remember, and most of all, it lets me just talk - I know I do my fair share of that, but there is no one in particular listening or yelling or expecting or whatever - it's mine - and after this past week, there are very few things left that I can call mine...
Leaving an acquisition is never an easy thing. I get the normal jitters everyone gets - I don't like fanfare and going away parties and cakes - I like simple, firm handshakes, and a thank you - then the occassional phone call on holidays, and the emails asking how I am doing. Walking into a new acquisition is just as difficult, you never know the personalities of those folks you are going to be working with - and they don't know you - so after struggling for six to 9 months developing trust with a team - you get to start over again.
Today was nothing out of the ordinary - I rebuilt the closet (I have photographs to share with everyone - damn I am good at avoiding things, by doing things I would never have to do if I was not avoiding things I did not want to do...) I moved thirty wheelbarrows full of mulch, and started going through the mounds of shit to put out for the garage sale on Saturday. Maybe I can sell enough so that I can comfortably sit in the garage again.
I am not able right now to go into more detail - I am like those jello molds with fruit in them - there is so much stuff suspended in my brain right now, I can't grab the right one and am not really sure which one to talk about or write about - so for now, I am happy to take a xanax, wash it down with some warm scotch, and try and get eight hours of sleep without waking up to disappointment...
I miss Edmonds already, and the rythm that came with it...

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