Monday, August 4, 2008

Closets, Rocky Paths, and Rewards

An odd assortment of photos - I know. Closets - these are great spaces. I rebuilt mine yesterday when I found out the entire thing had collapsed in my absence - so I guess this project was the perfect distraction for me. Half the day today was spent putting things back into the closet, the other half was on conference calls making me wish I had another closet to rebuild. I love conference calls. It would almost be easier to sit back, and watch shit happen, then to have to listen to what people THINK will happen - in my short professional tenure, I have found that nine of ten things discussed on preliminary conference calls to discuss the preliminary steps to be discussed on the real conference call are actually just a complete fucking waste of my time. Then again, I am a company man - and as the raging suck ass that I have become for a paycheck that makes it mildly possible for me to rebuild closets - well, hell, I guess I will just listen.
Path -
Sometimes the best paths in life are the rocky ones. Unsure footing, different textures, sore feet, but always at the height of sensitivity - you can feel everything - you can hear everything - you notice everything - just to prevent from getting hurt or damaged or other...
I am sitting here staring at this path for the next rest of my life - and I am more inclined to think that the path ahead should be like the one in the picture - maybe a few steps into more unknowns would not be so bad, some loose fitting on a rocky crag may be just what I need to realize and feel and live a little...
Reward -
At the end of the path, who knows what you will find - in my case, I found a huge open expanse of water, a torrent of plummeting mist, and a boulder being carressed by the clear cool water of Snoqualmie. I think perhaps that was why the path was so rough - the payoff was so great.
I want to walk that path again.

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