Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motivation to Clean...

Yesterday was one of those days that you choose to forget, and then choose to eat apples and peanut butter with Frosted Flakes. You can obviously see that my motivation to clean the god forsaken mess I created while putting together that culinary delight and palate pleasing concoction is still sitting in the sink, the counter, the floor, and there are probably a few pieces strewn about the couches as well - nothing can quite describe the exhilaration one feels when biting into the first of many bites of Fuji Apples, Publix Peanut Butter, and Frosted Flakes all swimming around in three week old 1% Milk - I figured I got all of the food groups into that one dish - (actually it was not a dish, it was a recycled Chinese Food container - those Chinese folks are so ingenious, a square dish that fits everything into a space - almost like it was designed for mixing anything in the kitchen into a Martha Stewart nightmare...)

Conference calls, emails, and spreadsheets pretty much filled the day yesterday - that's what I do for a living - I am oddly comfortable in rows and columns, even though if one was to spend any Friday night with me, they would think it impressive that I did not soil my big boy pants, but for some reason, I can move numbers around like the Rainman - maybe we all gravitate to what we are comfortable doing - for me, it is moving numbers around and getting to the bottom of the things. Don't get me wrong here, anytime someone mentions the word "Geometry" or "Calculus" or "Flux Capacitor" my head starts hurt with little yellow dots in my eyes as if the math migraine gods are about to start dancing on my groin area...once again, I digress.

Normally, I like things in order - clean and neat, and things that smell like febreeze really make me happy. I like the smell of Lysol four in one cleaner, and the being able to look at a counter top and not notice apple cuttings, peanut butter, and chunks of congealed frosted flakes (which, by the way, have the power to create a glue that is virtually impossible to scrape from any surface) - but last night and yesterday was just not one of those days that really mattered too much to me. There was enough paper shuffling, agreement writing, financial disclosures, and other legal stuff that just sucked the need for cleanliness and order right out of my anal retentive mind. Actually, it felt good to have the place look like it was lived in by that Legend of Greystoke guy - not really sure if the dishwasher was for clothes, storage, or moving one pile of gung from the sink to the nifty hole in the cabinets with a shiny door.

With that being said, and as you can tell by me spending my lunch break blogging, that I still have little, if any, motivation to clean that crap up. It is really easy to clean an apartment - the square footage, somewhat comparatively close to what my garage was before, is minimal, the distance from counter to sink to trash can is sort of like dropping a quarter in a phone booth (this dates me - for the kids out there a phone booth is a glass closet on a street corner where you make cellular phone calls without a cellular phone), and the trash compactor is just a short walk down the parking lot. (Again, another point of frustration - you have to always watch out for piles of dog crap in community living arrangements - even though there are all those little dog crap pick up gloves and bags for everyone to use, it just seems easier to let your little pookie shit right in the middle of the path to the trash compactor - when I am home I do a large amount of people watching, and it is always the "bigger" people who let their little Pekingese noisemakers crap, and then they give it the "did anyone see me let my dog crap on the sidewalk look" and, as if they farted in the elevator, walk away gingerly - I digress again...)

There are a million reasons for me not to clean up the kitchen today - I have a ton of work to do, I am lazy, the lived in feeling is sort of disgustingly nice, I have not noticed any roaches yet, etc etc etc - but, when push comes to shove, it just has to do with motivation, and I just don't have that today to loan to dirty dishes and sticky counter tops.

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