Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vanilla Swiss Almond...

I would like to think that the only thing I left this past week in Austin was a pint of Vanilla Swiss Almond Haagen Das, in my opinion, one of the last comforts for a traveller besides an occassional rental car with XM stereo, and actually being able to make a Delta flight in the spring.

There were a large number of things left in Austin, a little bit of pain, a little bit of pride, some happiness, and a few tears shed along the way. I think a sock or two was lost, I believe that a pair of underwear are still tucked deep in the closet, and perhaps some workout clothes that did not make it into the suitcase.

Austin is my favorite two day city - out of all others, I mean, and I have written about it before, that there are cities that are made for long term assignments, places I could see myself living, but Austin is the kind of city, that, much like the music, changes but remains a constant beat - and it is nice to just go there and see the changes, and maybe wake up to a good dream or a beautiful rythm.

What did I leave in Austin besides ice cream? I feel like I left just about everything behind - unloaded some negatives, grabbed a few positives, but I think the exhaustion, the questions, the uncertainty - these were pretty much left behind in Austin, and much like my first trip to that city this year, I picked up some answers, some pride, some new health in the cold swimming pool, some sweet rythm to hum and to hold - no matter how many times I am able to visit, I still have that song - and if I feel like I am forgetting it, well there will always be Vanilla Swiss Almond to remind me that tune -

The Rythm in Austin will never go away, it is there forever, and I grab that memory when I need it, which lately, seems to be a little bit more than every five minutes...

Until next time,


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