Sunday, April 13, 2008

Silence and Text Messages...

I have turned into a text message guru - which is certainly odd for a 36 year old man- I mean, the younger folks have much more nimble fingers than I, and I have always preferred the sound of a phone call to the inhuman bling of a new message. I traditionally immediatly delete the text messages, most of them are short and simple hellos or good mornings or where are you type messages, but I save a few, just to make sure they are still there, and then re-read them when I get the chance.

Last night (and this morning) I received a couple of text messages that really made me think - the first, not so cryptic as the second "I hear things are going well - it is hard to find what you have" - interesting concept - finding what we have - I think we all should take some time in our lives to "find what we have" - and find out if it was what we had before - take for instance that pair of favorite slacks - they used to fit, but now they are too small, or have been replaced by a new favorite pair, or you lost them at the dry cleaners - not hard to replace, not hard to rationalize through, not really that much of a loss. It is difficult to find out what one really has in life - I mean it is apparent, through thousands of years of human nature, that honesty and simplicity are much easier to circumvent for the sake of other things - the bigger house, the better job, the whatevers that seem to distract us long enough to make us forget what it was we had (and still may, if we were able to wade through the distractions) there is some simplicity in accepting the situation, moving forward, and making a decision. Life does go to those who choose, and who are willing to accept those consequences - and any human being with a heartbeat can understand that concept - and if not understand it, at least use it. Take for instance the smallest child - they cry when they are wet or hungry or tired, and we reward them with food, or clean clothes, or just holding them - to what degree does an adult lose that feeling - adults get unstable when they are lonely, tired, scared, frustrated, and generally they find affirmation - they circle the wagons with their most agreeable friends, seek advice from that circle, and are comfortable that they have done the right thing. There is not much to find when one builds lives around acceptance and surrender to the group think - it is there, and unfortunately, that mentality sometimes makes us forget what was important at one time - our independence, our ability to make decisions as an individual - and when the group begins to think for the individual, well Jim Jones seems to come to mind.

Enough of that -

The worst text messages are those that are never responded to, those are the hanging chads of the text message world - you do't know what was meant by the first one, don't know what to do about the second one, and just have to wait for the next response, or pick up the phone and enter an entire new realm of communication - I don't like the messages that never get responses - that means the chat is one way, and begins a control issue loaded with unanswered concern, but hell, as long as we are reflecting on what we have, it is probably not a bad thing to have a few unanswered questions every now and again...

Good morning.


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