Saturday, April 5, 2008


I never really paid any attention to how sensitive we become when we become insensitive! (Now let's preface this with insensitive to those things that are going on around us - not necessarily insensitive to one another - )

The picture is the actual toilet at Fort Clinch (kept in real period for those crazy folks who like to live like civil war misunderstanding here, I was sitting on a civil war toilet)

I have never written in double meanings, mostly allegory or irony or satire, or just plain bitching and moaning -

Puns are not my strong suit. Hell, if I could get a few simple answers every once in a while for some of the complicated questions that I have, it would be great. A straightforward yes or no is probably all that it would take 90% of the time to get a smile and a nod, and I would open another beer, scratch myself, and finish watching the baseball game - that's not insensitive - that's just the way we are wired. Computers work really well when the zero's and one's are lined up perfectly - one line of code at a time - I suspect the human brain goes through the same simple stuff...

I can't run today - the rain comes every 45 minutes, so I think the idea of dynamic sitting (meaning I get up every thirty minutes or so to see if there are really no more fudge bars in the freezer) is about the limit I have for today. I think I may actually break out the Billy Blanks Tae-Bo cd's - I am losing my shittin' mind, and I need to do something that will either give me a heart attack, or make me want to go buy more fudge bars.

A demain, A demain, A demain...


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