Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catcha Man Coming, and Watcha Man Going....

Just browsing through some of the half finished posts that were never meant to be posted...Halloween 2010 I started this one - might as well post it now.

I am not really sure what the link feature in this thing does anymore, nor do I really care, but if you have forty five minutes to kill, maybe you should browse this live show - a good way to waste a little bit of time- but that is besides the point of the blog....

Keep the car running - I am not sure I have ever used this term in polite or impolite conversation, but I am pretty sure that one day, I would like to be in the situation where this comes up - I know that does not sound perfectly responsible for a middle aged balding somewhat overweight single guy - but just imagine the scene - keep the car running...probably taking place at three am in front of a minute mart - and I am just plain out of rolled quarters to pay for that microwave bean burrito, the bag of tortilla chips, and the cheese dip that comes in those aluminum cans that will remove a finger if you are not careful...keep the car running, I am awful hungry, have maxed out my ATM withdrawals for the day, and I need me some of that there cheese dip and a burrito.

Sure, that idea is not the most responsible idea for a guy like me to have, or even to share, but I am guessing that we all have those ideas from time to time - winning the lottery, striking it rich, singing with the band, running with the bulls - not very responsible to think about that stuff when there are billls to pay and bread to butter and algebra problems to solve.  Maybe if I got a second job as a pizza delivery guy, then I could fulfill this fantasy.  But for now, I am going to stick to thinking about those things, and save the running car for dire straights -

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