Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pleasant Surprises and Room Service

Given that the weather is absolutely beautiful in Seattle this week, I sort of have to take back one of my earlier rules - even the locals don't seem to know how to handle this weather - they are all walking around in bermuda shorts and galoshes with a dazed look on their faces - as if the sun has some sort of thorazine like effect on their minds - I must have counted ten people out walking while I was driving home from the office - they all had their Timberland pullovers wrapped around their waists, as if the expectation that there would be an instant rain storm and forty degree drop in temperature would come true at any minute.

For the frequent flyer - time changes make for interesting surprises - I found that people are actually awake at 4:00 AM - the gym is usually a lonely place, but this morning, I walk in to find the elliptical and the treadmill occupied by some East Coasters who were just as mystified by their ability to wake up and actually feel like working out before anyone was thinking about dawn - time change also makes for interesting thoughts - my family has not really lived three more hours than me, they just are three hours ahead of me in living, think about it for a while, then go have a cold beer.

No transition to Room Service - except I wonder what we would do without that nice little commodity - everyone who travels knows the feeling of sitting behind the bar, eating an appetizer, and trying to look occupied, when all you are really doing is wondering if anyone else in the place is as miserable as you are as you enjoy your meal - alone. That's the beauty of room service - you are back at your hide away, comfortable in your boxer shorts and old Poison t-shirt watching Bill O'Reilly make an ass of himself on television (side note - is this guy really serious, I mean I am a fiscal conservative, but this guy really is a bobblehead of elephant crap). None the less, I think we all get tired of the four hour business dinners as well - there are only so many ways to prepare salmon, beef, mushrooms, vegetables, desserts - and there are only so many glasses of wine you can enjoy before you can't make it to the airport for your next flight....

In closing, just remember, you can't turn around - no matter what the surprise, or where you decided to have dinner yesterday, those things are gone - but you can look forward to the next glimpse of serendipity and having a warm meal with your family and friends. Until next time - G

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